Friday, September 27, 2013

The $100,000 Man?

The title does not refer to Stickland's weight.  But you can see he does like Texas Land & Cattle

I have spent some time going over the latest ethics reports that were published by the Texas Ethics Commission July 15th.  Lot’s of numbers to say the least.  One report jumped out at me though.  It looks like Jonathan Stickland loaned himself $125,000.00 on June 25, 2013.

Lots of candidates and office holders loan their campaigns money, it is legal and generally shows a confidence in your campaign.  If a candidate is willing to spend their own money then it generally means they believe they are in a good position to be reelected. 

So why am I bringing this up?  Jonathan did not graduate from high school.  He did not graduate from college and he spent most of his life prior to being elected a State Representative as a bug exterminator.   Hey we need bug exterminators don’t we? 

After winning the Republican primary and basically being the Represeantive elect Jonathan decided he had enough of bugs and started his own oil and gas consulting services company.  This is a guy who had no prior experience in the oil & gas business that I am aware of.  Yet he is doing well enough that he can loan his campaign $125,000.00?  Something does not smell right.  Who are his clients and what exactly is Mr. Stickland doing to make all this money?  What services does he offer?  

I also noticed that Mr. Stickland spent a lot of time and money at a swanky downtown steakhouse – the Austin Land and Cattle Company.  (This is the same place Lt. Governor David Dewhurst spends a lot of time at.) As far as I can tell he spent over $1,1667 at the establishment during session.  His smallest bill was over $100.00.  That is a lot of steak and remember, this is campaign money, not his personal money.

If Jonathan or anyone else for that matter would like to set the record straight or fill me in please email me at  I look forward to figuring this out and will keep my readers filled in.

Til next time – Adios Mofo!


  1. Sam:

    Fatso Stickland claims he is now in the oil business. Other comment streams on other blogs have seen the AgendaWise types claim also he was a million dollar salesman in the pest control business.

    I don't know anybody who had a million dollars in sales exterminating ants and roaches, not in this economy. And the oil business? My brother-in-law is in the oil business and he is drowning right now. Anyone legitimately in the business does not have time to serve in the Texas House. And Stickland would only qualify as a jobber or a basic grease monkey on a derrick or driving a truck since he has no formal education, much less any training in petroleum land management.

    Yet Stickland goes around saying he will use his campaign funds to target Republican women like Reps. Harper-Brown and Rep. Button. So I think all roads lead to Midland to answer your question, right to the front door of TIm Dunn. Whatever the arrangement, it is bound to be ethically questionable and is bound to stink.

    Stickland is an embarrassment to we true conservatives. We need smart, thoughtful leaders to represent our movement, not fat, stupid high school dropouts who get drunk most nights at popular lobby hangouts.

  2. Stickland is the quintessential Tea Party nut bag: uneducated and belligerently stupid.

  3. Hello "Sam" -- you're lying again. If you knew anything (and you don't) then you'd know Stickland has been in the oil business for several years before he ran for office. He works in a complimentary fashion with his father, who is a petroleum engineer.

    As for the pest business, he took a commercial pest business and marketed it to create a residential arm, which was bringing in over a million a year in revenue by the time the company was sold.

    But keep telling lies. For one, its entertaining. For two, you're going to slip up soon enough (you may have already) and open yourself up to a libel suit, and then I'm going to sue you and subpoena the records of this stupid (yet entertaining) little blog and find out what your real name is.

    1. "Oh I'm gonna sue you"

      Grow up.

    2. Tony: Let's have lunch some time. Call me.

  4. Sam, Tony McDonald is on Tim Dunn's tit. He worked for Stickland this session and suffers from a bad case of internet potty fingers. Just as fat and just as dumb as Sitckland from what I hear.

  5. ^^^Internet Potty Fingers. I like that term.

  6. I'm sure. And I doubt you wash your hands after you go the restroom. So it is doubly applicable.

  7. PS, If you had any doubt whatsoever about Mr. McDonald's allegiance to Tim Dunn: