Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dan Patrick….Just Another Politician

To anyone who has followed the career of Dan Patrick, his recent reversal on Ted Cruz should come as no surprise.  After all, Dan Patrick has proven time and again to be the ultimate politician, willing to do or say anything to get elected.  This includes changing his name from Dan Goeb to Dan Patrick because it sounds better on the ballot...but I digress.  In last year's race for the U.S. Senate, not only did Dan Patrick endorse David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz, but he viciously attacked Cruz on the radio by calling him a liar.  In the same radio segment (posted below), Dan said he agrees with David Dewhurst 98% of the time. 

Why the flip flop on Cruz, because Cruz is really popular with the TEA Party and Dan really wants to be Lt. Governor…again proving that Dan is the ultimate politician who will say or do anything to get elected.  Hope voters, and Cruz backers remember this about Dan when they head to the polls next March.  The ultimate slap in the face to TEA Party Patriots is to use their label to score political points. 

To listen to Dan attack Ted Cruz on the radio, click on the link below (It gets really good around the 11:00 minute mark):

Link of Radio Interview:

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  1. Thank you for the insite on Dan Patrick. Since elections are coming up on some of these posts, I needed the Conservative viewpoint on this politician. Thank you for this information!