Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ken Paxton For AG?

Lazy Eye?

The rumor inside the Austin bubble is that Ken Paxton is going to run for Texas Attorney General. That is pretty straightforward.  The rest of what I am about to write is rumor but I think relevant and since this is a blog and he is a public figure I can do it. 

Who is Ken Paxton?  He is the guy who ran for Speaker a couple of years ago and is generally credited with showing the rest of his colleagues a path to higher office.  Run against a sitting Speaker even if you know you have no chance at winning, destroy your colleagues in the meantime, and build your name ID among the most conservative of Texans.  Ken used his newfound popularity and stardom (think Wendy Davis on a much smaller scale) to run for State Senate.  His ego being what it is he now thinks it is time to run for statewide office – even though he has not served one full term in his new Senate seat.  And he is endorsed by his good friend Mike Huckabee – from Arkansas.  (He cannot get any politicians to endorse him from Texas because they hate him, his ego is too big and generally think he is weird)

I am told Ken has some issues in his personal business life.  I will not get into that – I will let his opponents and their millions dissect it.  But I do want to bring up something I hear over and over from his legislative life. 

He apparently is never in attendance.  And he found a way to hide it from his constituents and possible lie to them.  I am told that when he was a house member he would submit travel vouchers to the House Admin before he left Austin (he is reimbursed by the taxpayers for his travel to and from Austin even though he is a millionaire) for example a Friday.  Then at the end of the month he would have his staff “correct” the vouchers for the real time he was gone(he generally left on Wednesday).  He was never excused absent and on many of the occasions that he corrected his travel schedule he is listed in the house journal as voting for legislation on the day he was not in Austin.  But he failed to correct that.

So the bottom line is Rep. Ken Paxton filed a travel voucher, left Austin before the date on the voucher, corrected the voucher long after the trip but is still shown in the House journal as being present on the House floor and voting for certain legislation.  I have not had the time to look into this in detail but if I am hearing it it must be a pretty well know rumor. 

I doubt the mainstream media will report on it because they want to see a campaign between Ken Paxton and Dan Branch.  The media loves conflict. 

I will continue to look into it but if you have any information please send it to me at shurttexas@gmail.com.

Til’ Next Time – Adios Mofos!

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