Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who is David Simpson’s Largest Contributor?

*** Before you read this know that a couple of Members have let me know that Simpson has asked them for their support for his bid for Speaker - he has not filed for Speaker and I think this is a major ethics violation.  I have several Members tell me that one freshman Member is willing to file a complaint***

It is interesting to see David Simpson throwing his hat into the Speaker’s race, for a couple of reasons.  He was recently seen at dinner in Austin with Trey Martinez Fischer, the self appointed spokesman for the Democrat Party of Texas.  Was Simpson trying to make a deal with the Democrats? As you remember David followed Trey’s lead in trashing the redistricting process, that he was part of, that resulted in more conservative Members.

And Trey is largely funded by Trial Lawyers, maybe that is why he pick Bryan Hughes to run in the first place but saw that his candidacy was not gaining any traction so he tries to get Simpson to run.  Who knows?

Simpson’s largest contributor happens to be Bryan Hughes.  They same Bryan Hughes who is currently running for Speaker.  The Ethics Commission shows that Bryan donated 28K to Simpson in 2012.  Did they have a plan?  I have said over and over that Bryan is running to increase his name ID to run against Senator Eltief, a major thorn in Michael Quinn Sullivan’s side.

Why would Simpson consider running for Speaker against a friend and someone he donated so much money to – it is not a common practice for Members to donate so much money to another colleague.  Unless they had a plan – Bryan is to run for a while(gaining name ID, money and contacts ie: see Ken Paxton) and then drop out for David to run which was ultimately the objective.  My only flaw in the scenario is that David is not well thought of and Members think he is kind of creepy.  He has no chance at becoming Speaker.

As a side note, another blog pointed out that Bill Miller is helping Simpson in his run for Speaker – did you know that HillCo gave Simpson 10K in 2012?


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  2. David Simpson did not vote for the enron accounting budget with gimmicks for the Texas Constitution required balance the budget. The 28 Billion deficit,projected 14 Billion deficit,sanctuary city,slow moving voter id,did all happen on Straus' speakership watch. Straus attack on Hughes resulted in cutnrun Hopson hearings. Straus redistricting moved Wayne Christian into Panola and Harrison counties to form HD9. With the $15K from Senator Kevin Eltife to Chris Paddie,flyers from Texas Trial Lawyer's Association and Texas Realtors Ass. of which Eltife sponsors legislation for his Tyler Real Estate firm, Wayne Christian lost to Paddie.(See ethics complaint on chris paddie). The money flows from Straus and Eltife to liberal politicians who promise higher gasoline taxes,consumption taxes,sales taxes as Eltife and Paddie promised teachers groups. Vernon's Ann.Tex. Constitution.Art.3,Section 22 a member who has a personal or private interest in any measure or bill,..SHALL DISCLOSE the fact to the House,...and SHALL NOT VOTE THEREON. Paddie should not vote for teacher raises as his wife and sister are teachers,Eltife should not vote on real estate bills,and Straus should not vote on gambling,horse breeding,etc...II,The writings if Thomas Jefferson,368(1903). Merry Christmas and Jesus is Lord! Respectfully;John McIntyre

  3. Just a reminder:

    Voter ID Passed,

    the House passed a balanced budget with a $18 billion shortfall

    Sanctuary Cities Legislation passed the House

    Straus did not attack Bryan Hughes - Larry Phillips did

    Paddie won - politics is a contact sport and your comments about his race are not lucid

    Straus has recused himself from gaming and as Speaker does not vote on any bills

    If a legislator has children in school should they recuse themselves from votes pertaining to education?

    What about a conservative legislator whose major employer in their district happens to be the public school?

    What about the 2/3rd rule in the Senate - that has slowed legislation down more than anything you can imagine the House did.

    The Texas constitution was set up to make it very hard to pass legislation and very easy to kill legislation. As it should be in my view.

    Thanks for the comments John - God Bless & Merry Christmas.

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