Tuesday, December 18, 2012

David Simpson is Manipulating Texans

Rep. Simpson is calling and telling members that he has 76 folks to put out on a list this week. For a gentleman that touts his religious convictions, it is troublesome to hear him bear false witness to his colleagues. While Rep. Simpson hasn’t put out any list, he has given names to some folks and his consultant, Luke Macias, has sent some errant emails that went to members that probably shouldn’t have received his emails.

From these emails, the following is a list of names that Rep. Simpson/Luke Macias says are supporting Simpson for Speaker:

King, Phil   
R.J. McClendon
Mando Martinez
Trey Fischer
Rodriguez, J.   
S. Thompson   

Another interesting point that Simpson is discussing with members is his parliamentarian replacement for Chris Griesel: the team of Hugh Brady and Trey Trainor. The Trainor part is not new. Trainor has been giving rules lessons to Simpson and some of the new members for several months, most likely at the direction of Phil King. Don’t mistake Rep. King’s comments in the Dallas Morning News to indicate his support of Straus. Nor Trainor’s lack of any rules expertise to be a deterrent to Simpson using him.

Hugh Brady is the more interesting part of the plan and ties in directly with Trey Fischer, the most vocal and leader of the Democrat party of Texas. There is no argument that Brady is a rules expert. He is the one that drafts all the points of order for Trey. Without Brady its doubtful Fischer could figure out anything but the most mundane Points of Order. Now that Simpson is including Brady as part of his plan for parliamentarian if he were to become Speaker, it is clear that the entire strategy that Simpson is using in his run for Speaker is being developed in concert with Trey Fischer.

Furthermore, Reps Hughes and Taylor have submitted a number of rules changes that would utimately reduce power of the party in control of the House.  Their quest for power is astounding. They have submitted a rule that would increase the number of Members on important committees based on seniority.  This is troubling if you are a conservative becasuse what this rule would utimately do is increase Democrats represenation on the appropriations committee.  That is the committee that sets the budget for the state and every dollar spent has to be appropriated from that committee.  With more Democrats on the committee, Texas would spend more money.  This is a no lose for Hughes and Taylor and Simpson.  They are trying to bribe Democrats for their support and if they lose and the rule goes through they can blame Straus next session for the increased spending. 

It is obvious Simpson does not have the support he needs to become Speaker.  But what he is accomplishing is putting a number of Members in really bad spots.  Trey Fischer had nothing to lose by trying to get Democrats to support someone other than Straus- he has been in the dog house since he tried to extort the Speaker and his team.  But what about the other Members?  They think  they will get a primary opponent if they support Straus based on what Michael Quinn Sullivan is telling them and if they don't support Straus the likelihood that they find their legislative proposals in a dumpster out behind the Capitol is almost certain.  (there are roughly 8,000 bills files each session and only about 1,600 pass - so the leadership is going to put a priority on those bills whose author was on the team - it is called politics).

Til Next Time---Merry Christmas Mofos!

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