Saturday, August 30, 2014

Contradictions in SD 28

"See it is this way unless I change my mind and make it that way" Charles Perry

After posting yesterday about Charles Perry and the fabrications he includes on his website about supporting the State Water Plan I received a number of emails regarding other deceptive practices he is involved in.  I will go over them in the coming days but I thought one was especially disingenuous.  Apparently Jodey Arrington has been endorsed by one of the largest associations in Texas, the Texas Medical Association (TMA), a coveted endorsement since it represents most of the medical community in the State including thousands of doctors.  (I always say if you can trust a doctor taking care of your children then it is probably safe to trust them in other areas as well.) 

It turns out that Charles Perry has a big problem with this and he sent out an email to his supporters telling them so.  He claims in the email that TMA supports abortion (it doesn’t) and he has a problem that they have donated to Democrats in the past.  He neglects to mention that all associations give both the Republican and Democrats since they represent men and women from all over the State of Texas.  Of course TMA doesn’t donate to Republicans in the valley, no viable Republicans run for office in the valley.

Just to show you that Charles Perry will do ANYTHING to get elected to the State Senate and how inept he is I went back and did a little research.  It turns out that between 2010 and 2014 Representative Charles Perry accepted more that $3,000.00 in donations from Texas Medical Association and gladly accepted their endorsement.  Isn’t that rich!  Perry attacks his opponent for doing something he himself did just a few years before.   Typical politician.

In addition, one of Charles Perry’s biggest supporter, Empower Texans, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Republican office holders.  As a matter of fact, Empower Texans this week sent out a letter to constituents of Republican office holders attacking them for voting with David Simpson (R-Longview) on legislation that was unconstitutional.  Empower Texans did this less than three months before a general election, which obviously benefits their Democrat opponents. 

I don’t know Charles Perry but I cannot stand politicians that say one thing while they are home and do another when they come to Austin.  It is obvious that Charles Perry will say and do anything to be elected to the Texas Senate and that is the problem we have with today’s politician.  Perry likes to tell voters he is an accountant, hopefully the voters of SD 28 are paying attention and send him back to his day job,

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SD 28 Update - What Water Plan?

Charles Perry's Vision for Texas

Early voting started on Monday for the special election in SD 28 to replace Robert Duncan, who has been appointed the next Chancellor of Texas Tech.  I find it kind of weird that more people aren’t talking about this race, it is a competitive race from what I can tell and it is really the only thing going on right now. 

It is pretty obvious that the two front runners in the race are Representative Charles Perry and Jodey Arrington.  Bored as I am waiting for college football and dove season to start I looked over both websites to see what impressions I could pick up from the races.  It is apparent that Perry is relying on name ID from his previous races to get him into a runoff; where Jodey is busy introducing himself to the electorate.

Both are very close on the issues which you would expect from two well financed candidates (good polling) with one big exception.  Jodey is really out front on water issues, having something to say about the issue on almost every page on his website.  Perry on the other hand has one sentence on his site mentioning water, at the very end of his issues page under Rural Issues.  First of all, if Perry thinks water is just a rural issue he doesn’t deserve to be elected to dog catcher much less the Texas Senate. 

Funny thing is I remember Perry being against the water plan last session.  And I was pretty damn sure he did not Co-Author the State Water Plan.  So I went to Rep Charles Perry’s official House of Representatives webpage and then went to the link to his Co-Authored bills here.  There is no bill that Perry has Co-Authored that has anything to do with water.  So he is lying to the voters of SD 28, not just exaggerating.

I then went back and looked at his voting record and guess what I found?  Turns out not only has Perry not Co-Authored the State Water Plan but he actually voted against it a few times.  He voted against HB 11 in committee, which was the funding mechanism for the State Water Plan and he voted against SJR 1, which was the constitutional amendment that would let Texans decide whether they wanted to start the State Water Plan.  (The date was Wednesday, May 22, 2013 if you want to look it up in the House Journal.)  It turns out that Charles Perry as a State Representative was the only member of the West Texas delegation of elected officials who voted against SJR1. 

And then to bring it full circle Charles submitted an editorial on May 4, 2013 in the Lubbock Avalanche –Journal where he wrote that the constitutional amendment that he takes credit for Co-Authoring on his campaign website “does not make sense”.  So if Charles Perry had his way Texas would not have a State Water Plan and no way to fund it.  How’s that for transparency?  I guess Mr. Perry has been taking lessons from our President, if he says it enough times it becomes true, no matter what the facts are.  I hope the voters of SD 28 are paying attention.  Mr. Perry will say and do anything to get elected and that is just scary and wrong!

Perry takes his marching orders from special interest in Austin who did not want to spend the money on a long-term water solution – those special interest could care less about water problems or its impact on Texas.  

Good luck to all those hunting on Monday – if you can find a watering hole to set  up on…

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trouble for Charles Perry?

Wallace Hall - Will he be Charles Perry's biggest handicap?

Do you know Charles Perry, he’s a Lubbock State Rep. who’s running in the Special Election to replace Robert Duncan. Some think Duncan was too liberal, but he never faced a serious challenger because he always did what was right for his district, and especially Texas Tech, which is the economic driver of Lubbock.  If you've been to Lubbock, you know it wouldn't be much more than just another sleepy West Texas town without Tech.  A dusty one at that...

Enter Charles Perry.  Perry wants to take Duncan’s place, but he has some real explaining to do after he cast the lone vote against censoring UT Regent Wallace Hall.  Why does this matter?  For starters, Perry received a $2,5000 check from a PAC led by Hall and his good friend Jeff Sandefer.  Sandefer developed what he calls  calls “Seven Break-through Solutions” to higher Ed.  These solutions would, among other things, rank professors by student evaluations, require state universities like Texas Tech to secede from the accreditation system that gives Texas universities national rankings, and reduce research dollars. WOAH - not good for Tech or the City of Lubbock.  

Everyone associated with higher Ed thinks the Seven Solutions would be terrible for Texas Higher Education so it is pretty obvious this will become a campaign issue.  I wonder how Mr. Perry will react. Especially since Texas Tech total economic impact for Lubbock County is $1.26 BILLION per year.   And Tech spent over $110 million in research dollars in 2010 - that is a lot of money for little ole Lubbock & Perry wants to get rid of it.  Should be an interesting discussion between Perry and his challengers.  More on this race to come.

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