Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thoughts on SD 28 - Post Election

Well, another election has come and gone.  The candidate I hoped would win didn't but I don't live in the district so I am not too upset.  Senate District 28 will have to live with their decision. 

Turnout was about what everyone expected but the timeframe was just too short for a new comer, non-incumbent to win.  Charles Perry should be on a plane to Asia to kiss Governor Perry’s big old Texas A&M ring on bended knee. 

I want to point something out that I think might have consequences for future races.  Every election cycle Empower Texans sends out their questionnaire.  The consultants I talked to said it just shows up like dozens of other questionnaires from dozens of other special interest groups.  You have the NRA, TMA, Parent PAC, etc.  These groups use the questionnaires to figure out whether a candidate is one who they can support and more importantly it boxes a potential Member of the legislature in on an issue before they have ever thought about casting a vote. 

I am told the Jodey Arrington Campaign received the Empower Texans questionnaire like all the others and they decided to fill it out along with the others even though they knew that Empower was going to support/endorse Perry.  But they figured if they didn’t fill the questionnaire out and return it, Empower Texans would blast them for not being transparent and hiding their liberal tendencies. 

When the Arrington campaign found out that Empower Texans and it’s affiliates started dumping big money into the race on behalf of Charles Perry – six figures I am told – the Arrington Campaign aired a radio ad calling Charles Perry out on it.  Perry took money from an organization whose leader was just fined $10,000.00 for failure to register as a lobbyist and destroying thousands of emails during the investigation.  As Obama likes to say – bad optics.

How does Empower Texans react?  They attack Arrington for filling out their questionnaire!  Mike Sullivan wrote a scathing blog post (google it) and sent it to all his members in West Texas, I believe they sent out mail and they got their lackeys Robert Pratt and Chad Hasty to jump all over Arrington on the radio for filling out the questionnaire. (by the way Robert Pratt has written over 10 blog post that have been published by Empower Texans in 2014, kind of incestuous) Their line of attack was: Arrington sought our endorsement and once he found out he didn't get it he attacked us thus he is a flip flopper.  

My question is this:  will future candidates continue to fill out Empower Texans questionnaires if they might get attacked for doing it?  Why would they?   I brought this up to a couple of consultants last night and they said it would definitely play a part in deciding whether to fill it out.  They now have an excuse to not fill it out, we are afraid if we do fill it out and you decide to support our opponent you might attack us for filling it out, sorry we aren't going to take that chance.

Time to pay the bills but I might have another post on this race whose subject deals with the amount of money Empower Texans and their affiliates actually put into this race.  I am having all the mail overnighted to me because I am told mail was delivered to mailboxes but wasn't reported in ethics commission reports, which is against the law.  If true I will be filing an ethics complaint and forwarding my findings to the Public Integrity Unit in Austin.  Don’t worry I will keep the readers informed!

Have a nice week and til next time – Adios MOFOS!

Monday, September 8, 2014


I thought Greg Abbott's response to Wendy Davis' disclosure that she had two abortions in the early 1990's was very classy and sympathetic.  I have know Abbott since he was a Supreme Court Justice (although he probably couldn't pick me out of an empty room) and I like him.  He is ambitious but I think he is smart and always tries to do the correct thing for Texas.  I really like the fact that he has no ambition beyond the Governors Mansion.

“The Unspeakable pain of losing a child is beyond tragic for any parent.  As a father, I grieve for the Davis family and for the loss of life.”

Now, what about Wendy releasing a book 2 months before an election in which she is raising money from people all over the country?  If she doesn’t donate the proceeds to help deter abortions then she is as bad as I thought.  Because if she doesn’t then this is one of two things:  One, she is trying to get rich off running for office (like kinky) which is despicable when you are out asking single moms to contribute to your campaign. Two, this is a way to funnel money to her campaign.  For example a corporation, or nonprofit that wants her to win could buy thousands of books.  Then Wendy can use that money to loan to her campaign. We will see because if she loans herself money then we know. 

Questions of the week:

Anyone seen our Governor?

Who were the fathers of the aborted babies?

Is dove hunting better this year than last year?

When will UT fire Coach Strong?

Til Next Time – Adios Mofos! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throw Back Thursday – SD 28

Screen Shot taken from KCBD website

I have been telling you that Charles Perry will do anything to get elected.  If you go to the website run by KCBD you will see a quote from Perry from his last legislative race.   It says:

"Lobbyists and special interests' monies have undermined the representative form of government that our founding fathers designed. I will have no paid endorsements from special interests or lobbyists. It is time to replace the status quo politician or a want-a-be politician with competent, energetic and principled individuals that desire to serve the constituent, not the biggest check writer.” 

AT&T PAC                                                                 $5,000
Blackridge                                                                 $1,000
Brazos Public Affairs                                             $250
Centerpoint Energy PAC                                      $1000
Empower Texans PAC                                           $40,000
Erben & Yarbrough                                               $500.00
Graydon Group                                                       $1,000
Hillco PAC                                                                $1,000
HomePAC of Texas                                                $2500.00
Carl Isett                                                                   $250
OxyPAC                                                                     $2500
Texans for Education Reform                            $40,000 (Anti-Public Schools, Pro Vouchers)
Tex HY-PAC                                                             $500
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC                       $25000
Texas Air Conditioning Contractors PAC       $2000
Texas Farm Bureau Agfund PAC                      $2500
Texas Friends of Time Warner Cable PAC      $2500
Texas Optometric PAC                                          $5000

It looks like Mr. Perry isn't so principled after all.  The donations above are just a small sample of the Special Interest and Lobbyist money over the last 20 days. 

I don’t want to be dramatic but it looks like to me that Charles Perry is a fraud.  He says he won’t take money from lobbyist but changes his mind.  He says on his webpage that he was the Co-Autor of the State Water Plan but it turns out he tried to kill it and voted against it.  It goes on and on.  Pay attention folks – Charles Perry does not have West Texas’ best interest in mind. 

Til' Next Time - Adios My Friends!