Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trouble for Charles Perry?

Wallace Hall - Will he be Charles Perry's biggest handicap?

Do you know Charles Perry, he’s a Lubbock State Rep. who’s running in the Special Election to replace Robert Duncan. Some think Duncan was too liberal, but he never faced a serious challenger because he always did what was right for his district, and especially Texas Tech, which is the economic driver of Lubbock.  If you've been to Lubbock, you know it wouldn't be much more than just another sleepy West Texas town without Tech.  A dusty one at that...

Enter Charles Perry.  Perry wants to take Duncan’s place, but he has some real explaining to do after he cast the lone vote against censoring UT Regent Wallace Hall.  Why does this matter?  For starters, Perry received a $2,5000 check from a PAC led by Hall and his good friend Jeff Sandefer.  Sandefer developed what he calls  calls “Seven Break-through Solutions” to higher Ed.  These solutions would, among other things, rank professors by student evaluations, require state universities like Texas Tech to secede from the accreditation system that gives Texas universities national rankings, and reduce research dollars. WOAH - not good for Tech or the City of Lubbock.  

Everyone associated with higher Ed thinks the Seven Solutions would be terrible for Texas Higher Education so it is pretty obvious this will become a campaign issue.  I wonder how Mr. Perry will react. Especially since Texas Tech total economic impact for Lubbock County is $1.26 BILLION per year.   And Tech spent over $110 million in research dollars in 2010 - that is a lot of money for little ole Lubbock & Perry wants to get rid of it.  Should be an interesting discussion between Perry and his challengers.  More on this race to come.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kolkhorst Running for Queen

Rep Lois Kolkhorst has been making news lately, just today she announced she will be running for Senate District 18 if Glenn Hegar ends up winning his race for Comptroller - which he will.

I bring Lois up because I find it interesting that she is now the darling of Empower Texans, Mike Sullivan, Tim Dunn etc.  She received a D- in Empower Texan's report card for the 2013 session and she has not signed the taxpayer protection pledge from the same group.  The Empower Texans website also list her vote for Speaker Straus, vote for SB 346 which was the dark money bill and SB 1 that ET says is corporate welfare, among her other sins in the 2013 session.

She also voted to withhold any public money for School Choice programs last session.  This does not sound like the conservative firebrand that Mike usually picks to support.  So why support her now?  I know she hired Luke Macias and there are rumors that Mike Sullivan gets kickbacks from Luke but surely they could find a more conservative candidate in a district the size of SD 18?  They could have done a poll and tested her against other possible candidates and determined that she is going to win but having watched her over the last decade she very well could implode anytime so that doesn't make a lot of sense.  And then there are the Dan Gattis rumors from her early years as a legislator.

I just can't figure it out, why not wait until the field for SD 18 develops?  And then I came across this:

Kolkhorst is the Owner/Operator of Kolkhorst Petroleum. She previously worked as Chief Executive Officer for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development Foundation of Brenham from 1995-2000, and as Director of Marketing for the Athletics Administration of Texas Christian University from 1988-1996.

Like many of the candidates that Tim Dunn and Mike Sullivan support, Lois has decided quite recently that she is and oil and gas man.  (See Stickland)  So Kolkhorst was the head of the local COC and then started an oil and gas company... Huh?

Of course we cannot find out how much money she makes or who her clients are but I bet Tim Dunn is one.  I will let you draw your own conclusions.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scott Turner for Congress?

Senator Taylor won't be smiling for long
As most of the readers of this blog know Rep Scott Turner is running for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.  As I have stated in the past, it has become commonplace for ambitious House Members to run against Speaker Straus to increase their name ID among Republican Primary voters.  They use Michael Quinn Sullivan as a willing idiot to introduce them to his contacts across the State that Mr. Dunn has spent millions cultivating. 

What most of you probably don’t know is that in 2006 Scott Turner ran for Congress in San Diego, California.  I believe that Mr. Turner’s plan was to run for Ralf Hall’s seat when he retired.  That plan is shot because Mr. Hall was beat in the Republican primary this year.  Now it looks like Mr. Turner will be running for Sam Johnson’s seat.  Congressman Johnson is rumored to be retiring at the end of this term.  Now some of you will point out the Mr. Tuner does not live in CD 3 and you would be correct.  But that has not stopped him in the past.  When he ran for Congress in California he did not live in the district he ran for either. 

What makes this interesting is that it is no secret that Senator Van Taylor also wants to run for CD 3 when Mr. Johnson retires.  Can’t wait for that little battle.

I saw an article about Scott Turner’s failed California race and in it he mentions that he supported a guest worker program for illegal aliens.  I wonder where he stands now that he is running for Speaker?  In the same article he said he supports ear-marks or special provisions inserted in giant funding bills for pet projects.  Something the TEA PARTY and most conservatives hate.  He also supported No Child Left Behind. 

In doing my limited research on Scott Turner I turned to his ethics reports since announcing and raising money for Speaker.  What jumped out at me was the time he was spending in CD 3, something Senator Taylor should take note of.  I also noted that Mr. Turner has spent upwards of $70,000 on private air travel in the last 5 months, not exactly TEA PARTY material.  It must be nice flying around in private jets funded by hard working Texans while running for a race two years early.

There is no doubt Mr. Turner is spending a lot of money in his bid for the gavel.  He is traveling into his colleague’s districts talking to TEA PARTY groups and conservative leaders.  But to what end?  Those TEA PARTY groups cannot vote for Speaker, only House Members can.  And more than a couple of House Members have told me they are upset that Mr. Turner is coming into their districts without informing them, meeting with their constituents, getting them excited about a race that will ultimately end up as they all do – Scott will withdrawal from the Speakers race at the last minute leaving his colleagues battered and bruised from a race they all know had already been decided long ago.

It is so obvious that Scott Turner is an ambitious politician who is using hard working conservatives for his own political purposes and not even doing a good job at hiding it.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Texas’ own Lois Lerner

MQS lobbying at the Capitol

Most of you know the story behind Lois Lerner and the IRS.  She was the director of the IRS Exempt Organizations that targeted conservative groups and some feel destroyed evidence that would implicate her.  Bad stuff.

According to a recent poll over 70% of Americans believe something shady happened at the IRS and that the hard drive crash was on purpose.  Lois and the IRS have refused to abide by subpoenas issued by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  In addition to ignoring subpoenas issued by Congress Ms. Lerner has also refused to testify in the matter.  All of this taken as a whole leads anyone with a smidgen of commonsense to conclude Ms. Lerner at best and the IRS at worst is involved in a cover up.  Someone should go to jail.

I bring this up because on Wednesday the Texas Ethics Commission held a hearing alleging that MQS failed to register as a lobbyist while acting to influence the legislature, and that MQS has violated existing campaign finance laws. The Ethics Commission has issued rules that would require public discloser of secret donors including some of Sullivan’s political and fundraising activity.  Michael has refused to comply.  (I want to point out that the Ethics Committee is made up of Republicans who were appointed by Republicans – this is not a partisan witch-hunt).  And Wednesday MQS refused to testify in the matter just like Lois Lerner did a couple of months ago.

What is the difference between what Lois Lerner is doing and what Michael Quinn Sullivan is doing?  Both are accused of breaking the law and both are refusing to testify and refusing to hand over documents that have been subpoenaed.  Those that continue to support MQS and Tim Dunn are losing all credibility.  If Sullivan doesn’t have anything to hide why is he fighting so hard? 

I hope his hard drives are backed up.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet Our New AG

Meet Our New Attorney General of Texas
If the Young Conservative of Texas get their way this is our new Attorney General of Texas.

YTC has lost all credibility when they decided to back admitted law breaker as our Texas Attorney General nominee.  Can you imagine what Eric Holder is going to do to Ken Paxton if he is the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Texas?  He will look into everything Ken has ever touched and he will find something that more than disqualifies him – and guess what?  Texans won’t have a choice next November, they will have to go with the Democratic Nominee.  

Republicans, don't be stupid.  Don't be emotional.  Don't vote for Ken Paxton.  I promise you will regret it.  I have rarely been wrong in my predictions on this blog and Ken Paxton will be a disaster as the Republican nominee for Texas Attorney General.  

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ken Paxton is Seeing Red

I was recently reading the Republican Party of Texas' platform getting ready for the big convention in June.  (I know I have a very stimulating life!  Don't judge.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see  in the platform the Republican Party has come out against the use of red light cameras.   I hate those things.  They are nothing more than a revenue generator for cities and over the years I have received numerous tickets from them when I know I was not driving my vehicle.  I often let my daughter drive my car when she is visiting and while I don't want to blame her it is suspicious that I get these tickets in the mail shortly after she heads back to school.

From the RPT Platform:  "Banning the Use of Red Light Cameras – We oppose the manner in which alleged vehicle violations are documented and fines levied against individuals without proof of their having been the driver of the offending vehicle and we call for the ban on Red Light Cameras in the State of Texas"

And then I remembered reading an article about Ken Paxton's various investments.  It turns out Mr. Paxton is a major investor in a company called Enforcement Video doing business as Watchguard Video.  This company supplies public safety organizations, such as the DPS with in car cameras and red light cameras for cities.  In fact they won a $10,000,000.00 contract with Texas in 2006 according to the Dallas Morning News.

So it seems that Ken Paxton not only supports red light cameras against the wishes of his party but he makes money off of it.  Watchguard Video proudly states on their website:  "WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of in-car video systems for law enforcement and was recently honored for the second year in a row (2010 and 2011) as one of the top 100 fastest growing profitable companies in North Texas. The company has been consistently profitable and recently completed its 5th consecutive year of growth."

Isn't interesting the Ken is always involved in companies in and around his legislative district?  Before he became a State Legislator he had zero investments and now he list investments in over 28 companies in and around his legislative district.  Like I always say if it smells fishy it is probably a fish.  Or a hooker but we won't go there.

Read more at the Dallas Morning News.  

For those who want more reading from an article published by Kevin Cole at the University of San Diego School of Law:

WatchGuard Video, which provides patrol car cameras to state and local police forces across the nation, points with pride to the lawmakers who helped the company grow from a tiny technology startup into a government contracting powerhouse.
And at least two of the lawmakers turned a profit in the process — after the state police began ordering millions of dollars worth of equipment and expanding far outside Texas, interviews and state records show.
Two Texas legislators who made early investments in the booming company said they'd done nothing wrong and never pulled strings on behalf of WatchGuard. But their actions might violate the state constitution and disclosure rules established by the Texas Ethics Commission.
A former Texas legislator and part-time city judge are also investors, the company says.
Government watchdogs say it's an ethical minefield for state lawmakers to have interests in companies with major state contracts.
"When the state representatives are involved it appears like they're greasing the skids with the contract," said Texas ethics watchdog Fred Lewis, who has urged the Legislature to tighten conflict-of-interest laws. "I'm not saying that's what happened, but that's what it looks like."
The state constitution prohibits lawmakers from benefiting "directly or indirectly" from a state contract authorized by the Legislature they serve in, but it doesn't say what happens to lawmakers who violate the provision.
The company president, Robert Vanman, called WatchGuard "squeaky clean" and said he resented any suggestion that the contractor had engaged in any "shady" dealings. The company has deals to sell patrol car video systems to at least a dozen state law enforcement agencies — and hundreds of local ones, according to company literature and state records.
But WatchGuard's own Web site touted the company's politically connected shareholders in the first place. A published company profile boasts that WatchGuard, based in the Dallas suburb of Plano, is "privately funded and closely held by an influential shareholder group that includes three state representatives, a judge, and a number of distinguished entrepreneurs."
It doesn't name the politician-investors on the Web site, but Vanman did. They are Reps. Ken Paxton, R-McKinney, Byron Cook, R-Corsicana and former Rep. Bob Griggs, a Dallas-area Republican. WatchGuard's vice president of operations, Dennis Pirkle, is a part-time city judge and jail magistrate, according to company literature. [Mark Godsey]